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Building SFL

I have downloaded all the Windows files from the Getronics website for SFL, ACL, CML, and SNACC.  To date, I am unable to built any of these in their entirety and am really struggling to see the beginning of the process.  With the number of directories, subdirectories, and readme files, I am not sure really where to begin tracking down the problems I encounter.  I am building on Windows 95 in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.
I have done some work with Spex/2 and the CML recently but I would like to do some work with the SFL now.  Building any or all of the projects within the SFL is (mass) producing the following error:
c:\mycode\cml\smime\libcert\include\sm_apicert.h(41) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'sm_vdatypes.h': No such file or directory
I cannot find that file anywhere in my CML directory structure although I did find a batch file that appears to rename a file to sm_vdatypes.h.  Can you point me to some better process for building the whole set of libraries for my environment?  I am unable to access any of the web sites mentioned in earlier posts to this mailing lists, with the exception of the Getronics web site.  The Armadillo web site has been down for months and the Van Dyke web site is also not available.  Is there another site that has files or readme files that I need?
Anna Lahoud


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