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FW: Please help with the SFL installation!

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From: Colestock, Robert 
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2001 11:42 AM
To: 'James Xie'
Cc: Pawling, John
Subject: RE: Please help with the SFL installation!


You need to either download the SNACC binaries to get the SNACC compiler (in
SMPDist/bin) or build the SNACC .dsw file first (under ./SNACC).  This will
place the SNACC compiler in the proper directory (please build the DEBUG
first, then RELEASE configuration of SNACC).

The crypto++ needs to be in ./SMPDist/Algs/crypto++4.1 subdirectory.

You need to delete the dependencies for RSA, fort and spex if you do not
have these crypto libraries.  That project is setup for all CTILs to be

Bob Colestock

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From: James Xie [mailto:jxie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 7:41 PM
To: imc-sfl@xxxxxxx
Subject: Please help with the SFL installation!

I try to install the SFL on my Windows 2000 development machine by following
the instructions given in the SMPComponents Setup manual but I run into many

The following is a step by step description for what I did:

1. Create smp.d folder under my C drive.

2. Unzip Enhanced SNACC Binary Distributions  (SMPDistSNACCWin13rn6.tar.gz)
into c:\smp.d directory

3. Unzip CTIL Source code (smCTIR1.10.tar.gz) to c:\smp.d directory

4. Unzip SFL Source code (smimeR1.10.tar.gz) to c:\smp.d directory

5. Unzip LibCert Source code(smLibCR1.10.tar.gz) to c:\smp.d directory

6. Unzip Test Driver Source code(smTest1.10.tar.gz) to c:\smp.d directory

7. Create Algs sub directory under SMPDIST directory.

8. Create sub directory crypto++4.under c:\smp.d\SMPDIST. 

9. Download crypto++4.1, compile, output files are under

10. Compile openssl-0.9.5 under smp.d\SFLPkcs12\openssl-0.9.5.

11. Open up the smime.dsw using VC6.0 and build the "BuildAllWinNT" project.

It gave the the following 5 errors:

Could Not Find C:\Smp.d\SMIME\alg_libs\sm_free3\sm_free3_asn.cpp
..\..\gnutools\make.exe: *** [sm_free3_asn.cpp] Error 1

Could Not Find C:\Smp.d\SMIME\alg_libs\sm_fort\sm_fortAsn.cpp
..\..\gnutools\make.exe: *** [sm_fortAsn.cpp] Error 1

Could Not Find C:\Smp.d\SMIME\alg_libs\sm_spex\sm_spex_asn.cpp
..\..\gnutools\make.exe: *** [sm_spex_asn.cpp] Error 1

Could Not Find C:\Smp.d\SMIME\alg_libs\sm_rsa\sm_rsa_asn.cpp
..\..\gnutools\make.exe: *** [sm_rsa_asn.cpp] Error 1

fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file:
'C:\Smp.d\SMIME\alg_libs\sm_free3\sm_free3_asn.cpp': No such file or

I read through the setup manual many times but still have no idea about how
to fix those problems.  

Thank you for your help in advance!



James Xie
Cogent Systems, Inc. 
626 799 8090
626 799 8996