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RE: Réf. : Re: OIDs


There are only 3 files that usually contain all of the OIDs used by the SFL;
if you check the top of these source files, they contain the data statements
for these OIDs:


The remaining OIDs are CTIL specific, I always have to search (I rarely need
to reference these other OIDs and they are never in the SFL libs, only in
CTIL sources).

Bob Colestock

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Subject: Réf. : Re: OIDs

Thanks, but i want to know how i can find an OID in the SFL project.  Do
you have a trick to finf one ???



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I use to take a look at http://www.alvestrand.no/objectid when I have to
for  OIDs. Perhaps you can find what you're looking for at that site.


> Can you tel me where i can find all the defined OIDs ????