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To my knowledge, nobody has integrated the SFL into a CDSA implementation.
Furthermore, Getronics has not performed any detailed analysis of how the
SFL would fit in the CDSA architecture.

Based on my limited knowledge of CDSA, one possible use of the SFL with CDSA
would be for the SFL to use the cryptographic services provided by a CDSA
low-level crypto library.  The SFL high-level library makes calls to an
algorithm-independent Crypto Token Interface Library (CTIL) API.  There is a
CTIL for each crypto library that maps the generic CTIL API calls to the
specific calls for that crypto library.  Getronics provides freeware CTILs
for the Crypto++, RSA BSAFE, Spyrus SPEX/ and FORTEZZA Cryptologic Interface
libraries.  Getronics also provides a PKCS #11 CTIL that enables PKCS
#11-compliant libraries to be used with the SFL.  A CTIL could be developed
to map the generic CTIL API calls to the specific CDSA low-level crypto
library calls.  It would take at least two programmer-months to develop and
test the CDSA CTIL.

There are other options also, such as integrating the SFL as part of a CDSA
implementation.  That would require further study before any resource
estimates could be determined.

Please let us know if you require further information.

John Pawling, John.Pawling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Getronics Government Solutions, LLC

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Can I use SFL with CDSA? What is the integration effort invloved?

Chee Leong

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