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RE: Bug/Memory Leak in sm_Attr.cpp


You are correct.  I have been finding such discrepencies in the SFL and
cleaning them up.  Thank you for pointing this out.  It will be fixed in the
next release.

In the mean-time, there is an "=" operator overload that works correctly,
you can use the default constructor and simply assign the result.

Bob Colestock

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From: William Adams [mailto:William.Adams@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2001 11:02 AM
To: SFL List (E-mail)
Subject: Bug/Memory Leak in sm_Attr.cpp

I think I have found a problem with the

CSM_ContentHints *CSM_MsgAttributes::GetContentHints()

function in sm_Attr.cpp line 2603. I was using this function assuming that I
was returned a copy of the m_pContentHints member of the class. Therefore
once I had finished with my copy I deleted it. However this would cause the
program to crash since the memory was being deleted twice. A closer
inspection of the code reveals that the copy is made using a default copy

pContentHints = new CSM_ContentHints(*tmpAttrib->m_pContentHints);

Since m_pContentHints is a CSM_Buffer* then the copy constructor just copies
the pointer instead of what it points to meaning that the m_pContentHints in
both the original and the copy point to the same area of memory. Thus if you
delete the copy when you are finished with it then the CSM_Buffer ends up
being deleted twice. However if you do not delete the copy then you will
have a memory leak since the rest of the memory allocated for the copy is
not cleaned up.

Am I correct about this?