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RE: problems with making Encrypted mail using SFL

You can use the
void CSM_CSInst::GetAlgs(CSM_AlgLst **ppdigestAlgID,CSM_AlgLst **ppdigestEncryptionAlgID,CSM_AlgLst **ppkeyEncryptionAlgID,CSM_AlgLst **ppcontentEncryptionAlgID);
function to get the supported algs for each instance.
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Subject: problems with making Encrypted mail using SFL

 hi all,
      Sorry for I'm a new comer to SFL and this mailing list.   Please forgive me for asking so  simple problems. 
  I write  a program  to  make enveloped mail  by SFL.     But it reports:
 ERROR INFORMATION: no instance supports requested cont encr alg
        ERROR CODE: 1006        SOURCE LINE NUMBER: 1165
        FILE: sm_Encrypt.cpp
        FUNCTION: CSM_DataToEncrypt::Encrypt
     now I find that it's probably for I passed the wrong contentEncryptionOID to pEncryptMsg : 
    CSM_MsgToEncrypt *pEncryptMsg;
    CSM_OID oidEncryptedData(id_encryptedData);
   1) How should I  get  the    CSM_OID object to pass it to  pEncryptMsg->SetContentEncryptOID()  function?
  2)  How  can I  see   the list of  the Algorithm OIDs supported by the available instances?