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Does anybody success with building encrypted enveloped mail that can be open and read in Outlook Express by SFL library?

   I see  there is a  "EncryptedSMIME.eml"   in   the path  SMIME\testutil\mimetest2\   of the downloaded SFL library,  but 
I don't have the certificate  to  see this  .eml file in outlook express.    And I see an article by tuzi  who say that he can't  open
the encrypted mail   made by the SFL library.     So I  want to  know about whether anybody success in it  or   who  can tell
me about  where I can find the certicifate  to open the  EncryptedSMIME.eml   contained in the SFL package.    I would thank 
greatly  for  it will avoid the  risk in development.