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GenAsn.bat deletes sm_free3_asn.cpp

Hi all,

I'm new to this list, so I've been sure to read relevant postings
in the mail-archive before posting my question.

I'm running Windows 2000 and using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

After extracting all files to what I hope are the correct locations,
I start with compiling the ASN files.

Running GenAsn.bat however seems to fail building some ASN files,
specifically the sm_free3_asn.asn file.

It seems the build process deletes this file after compiling it:

Building alg_libs ASN.1 Modules
../../../SMPDist/bin/snacc.exe -D -C
../../libsrc/asn1/sm_cms.asn sm_free3_asn.asn
del sm_free3_asn.cpp
Could Not Find F:\Development\SMP\SMIME\alg_libs\sm_free3\sm_free3_asn.cpp
..\..\gnutools\make.exe: *** [sm_free3_asn.cpp] Error 1

Now, looking at the makefile Make_w32algasn I find:

	del $*.cpp
	rename $*.C $*.cpp

Is line "del $*.cpp" appearing in the correct place? Uncommenting this
of course makes sure that sm_free3_asn.cpp is not deleted.

Any comments would be helpful.


Christian Stigen Larsen -- http://www.sublevel3.org -- mob: +4798220215