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Re: GenAsn.bat deletes sm_free3_asn.cpp

Quoting Colestock, Robert (Robert.Colestock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx):
| You are correct, that particular file should not be deleted.  It would
| appear you have diagnosed the problem.
| [...]
| You can try deleting that statement, [...]

Commenting out the line seemed to work pretty well.

| Our new release appears to work well on MS Windows NT/2000/98.  Hopefully
| this problem will go away.

Sounds great. When may we expect to see a new release available for


I've been spending quite some time trying to cope with what
seems like a great package, but I nearly gave up today. :)

I was hoping to write up a HOW-TO WIN2K / MS VC++6.0, if you
guys are willing to help me along with answers I'll be very thankful.

But if a new version is underway, maybe it either won't be necessary,
or I'll wait for the new release.

Christian Stigen Larsen

Christian Stigen Larsen -- http://www.sublevel3.org -- mob: +4798220215