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Hi All!

Hi All!

When I try to open "smime.dsw" or any other *.dsw file from SMIME
distribution (even 2.0) MS Studio 6 doesn't show anything in these workspaces.
No projects, no files, no classes, absolutly nothing. It even doesn't say that
something is wrong (actually it says nothing at all).
Then I tried to open *.dsp files and result was the same.
What's going on? Obviously it isn't normal, but I can't say what is wrong.

Anyway, *.dsp files refer to *.mak files. But I didn't found any of these
*.mak files. I know, there are makefiles, but they are intended for
UNIX not for Windows. Is it really no other way to build SMIME library
for Windows, except creating a totally new project and including all
necessary files manually (sounds scary for me) ?

What sould I do? Can anyone help me with project files for Windows?

Thanx for paying attention,

Vlad Vetiul
Senior Software Engineer
National Bank of Moldova, IT Department