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Porting: sha.h/.cpp bug


I'm trying to port crypto++-4.2 for an embedded system and run into some 
trouble (to be honest, I face a lot of problems due to insufficient C++
features of the C++-compiler I have to use - anyway I'll give it a try).

Here is one problem which should IMO be solved in the upstream sources:

- sha.h/sha.cpp

  In "sha.h" the classes SHA512 and SHA384 are wrapped between
  "#ifdef WORD64_AVAILABLE / #endif", but in "sha.cpp" these preprocessor
  directives are missing, so I run into compiler errors because obviously
  my compiler doesn't support WORD64.
  If I wrap the definition of the two classes in "sha.cpp" with 
  "#ifdef WORD64_AVAILABLE / #endif" I get rid of at least this compiler 

  Or do I miss anything?

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