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RE: snacc / indefinite length problems


I am working on building a test for this case.  We do not handle indefinite
length encoding in the SNACC C++ library, so the decode testing is
neglectged.  I will let you know today hopefully if there is any change in
the library necessary to decode indefinite length sequences.

Sorry about the inconvenience, this was tested at an earlier time, but not
as part of our regular deliveries; I am adding a test for our release
deliveries so if we break this logic in the future it will be fixed

Bob Colestock

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Subject: snacc / indefinite length problems

I've discovered a problem with the macro "DEC_LOAD_ANYBUF(asnType, Bbuf, l)"
defined in  vdasnacc.h and I'm looking fro advise on the fix.  This is my
first week coding with SFL so I'm fairly new to its environment.

This macro calls the function SM_ReadFromAsnBuf and passes in the paramter
'preLoad'.  In my case 'preLoad' contains an indefinite length (0x30 0x00).
Before exiting the function SM_ReadFromAsnBuf it appends 2 to the length
(because its indefinite, see comment RWC 10/24/01), the DEC_LOAD_ANYBUF
macro then also appends 2 to the length (l = len + elmtLen, where len is the
length of PreLoad).  

The end result for me is an exception in ContentInfo::BDecContent because
"seqBytesDecoded (707) != elmtLen0 (705)".

Am I looking in the right area?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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