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RE: Possible improvement of CSM_CommonData


Good suggestion.

I have added this logic to the baseline, it will be available in the
next release.  If you want it now, I will have to snap-shot the entire
baseline for you due to other changes we have been making.  (I could try
sending you just these sources if you are interested, sm_api.h,
sm_Content.cpp, sm_CommonData.cpp).

Bob Colestock

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From: Manfred Klug [mailto:manklu@xxxxxx]
Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2002 3:13 AM
To: imc-sfl@xxxxxxx
Subject: Possible improvement of CSM_CommonData

For large messages, it is a waste of memory to first create a CSM_Buffer
only to
call CSM_CommonData::SetEncapContent. The solution to this problem is a
like SetEncapContent(char *pEncapContent, long length, long type) and
appropriate constructor for CSM_Content.

This improvement may be useful at other points too.

Any comment would be greatly appreciated.

Manfred Klug