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RE: Memory leaks in mimelib


Thank you for the report.  I have fixed the memory leaks you have found.
Sorry, this code is part of the test environment and not as well tested
as I would like (relatively new).

The information is helpful, I appreciate your feedback.  Continuing work
on the others you mention in later e-mails.

Bob Colestock
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Subject: Memory leaks in mimelib


I have found the following memory leaks.

function CLM_MimeHeader::SetHeaderItem_subComponent
	variable pResult
function CLM_MimeSFL::GetSignedData
	variables lpszName and lpszSub
function CLM_MimeMessage::SetMessage
	variables ptr2 and ptr
function CLM_MimeConstruct::GetMimeAttachments
	variable lpszContent_Transfer_Encoding
function CLM_MimeBodyPart::EncodeBase64Buffer
	variable in

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