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RE: building testTriplewrap

> Gavin:
> Sorry, I forgot to update the testTripleWrap makefile(s) on Linux
> or MS Windows.  You will not be able to build that application.
> The auto_hi application should build fine, I use this to test the
> release.  I suspect that you may have loaded the test utilities
> into the wrong directories; the test sources must be unloaded
> into the same directory as the R2.1 sources.  Please let me know
> what the auto_hi errors you are encountering.


I was using the incorrect project I think. I was using tha auto_hi.dsp
file to try to build it. When I used the smime.dsw workspace to build
as Win32 Debug it built fine. Also the testTripleWrap application built
fine from this workspace, again as Win32 Debug.

Thanks for the help,