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Re: GPL violation? (Was: v1.6 Enhanced SNACC Freeware)

    I hope that eSNACC can continue, maybe under the LGPL.

The copyright holders of SNACC would have to agree to the change in license.

    GCC makes special provision (IIRC) for
    projects that compile with GCC such that they are not
    considered to be deriative works.

This is not entirely accurate.  In general, code compiled by any
compiler is not a derivative work of the compiler.  That general rule
applies to GCC like any other compiler.

What you are thinking of is that we make a special exception for some
small libraries that accompany GCC, giving permission to include them
in combinations with non-free software.  I decided to make this
exception because the libraries are small.

It would be a grave mistake to think that this is appropriate for all
libraries.  See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/why-not-lgpl.html
for a general discussion of the issue.

    This would be a great pity because I think the world needs
    a decent ASN.1 environment that does not prohibit commercial

The GNU GPL does not prohibit commercial development.  It says that
extended versions of the program must be free software.  Including
GPL-covered code in a commercial program is permitted as long as that
commercial program is released under the GPL.  Perhaps when you wrote
"commercial" you really meant "proprietary".

Proprietary, non-free software is designed to deny the user crucial
freedoms.  It does not deserve our help or cooperation.