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Access Violation Error


I plan to use S/MIME in an intensive environment. (ie server)For this
reason I tested SFLv2.4 in a for loop . The name of the function that uses
SFL for SMIME operations is Kripto. I used this Kripto function in a for
loop like below

for (i=0; i<1000; i++)

And I log the result of Kripto function in a log
file(successful/unsuccessful). After 250~300 loops (i=250~300) the program
crashes and I get Access Violation error. Until this point all of the
results of the function was successful as I have seen from the log file.

I found that the program crashes especially at the code below.

sm_ctilmgr.cpp =>

   if (m_pCSInsts)
       CSM_CtilInstLst::iterator itInst;
       for (itInst =  m_pCSInsts->begin();
            itInst != m_pCSInsts->end();
            // The program crashes at this line !!!!!!!
            delete *itInst;     //RWC; MUST BE explicitely
      }    // END FOR each instance in the list.

       delete m_pCSInsts;
   }       // END IF m_pCSInsts

Do you have any idea about the source of problem? I think there are some
memory leaks or misuses in SFL.

Thanks in advance.

Huseyin Ozkan