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Re: SMP 242 doesn't appear to build

"Horvath, Tom" <tom.horvath@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I am not sure what platform you are building on, but since you are
> discussing Makefiles, I assume you are building on a Unix platform.
> Please follow the build instructions posted at
> http://www.digitalnet.com/knowledge/library/v24/cml_readme/library.htm.
> By the sound of you problem, I believe you missed steps 3 and 10 or did
> not follow the precise build order described in this document.

Yes, you're right.  Actually I was relying on INSTALL in the
distribution, but somehow I missed the clear instructions in there.

My apologies.

(I'm still right about the missing semicolon in the top level
Makefile.in, though, aren't I?)