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v2.5.2 Secure Message Protocol (SMP) Now Available


BAE Systems has delivered the Version 2.5.2 of the Secure Message
Protocol (SMP) Freeware Libraries for Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris and
Linux. The patch is freely available from: 

SMP v2.5.2 includes the following enhancements (compared to v2.5.1 SMP

1. Corrected a bug where certificates added to the database from a URL
are not found locally with the SRL_RequestObjs() function. 

2. Corrected a bug where certificates added to the database from a URL
do not include the flag to include the crossCertificatePair directory

3. Set the default LDAP client behavior from v2 to v3. 

4. Removed memory leaks from the ACL and SFL libraries. 

5. Fixed the incorrect algorithm in Findcrlissuer() function that was
causing performance problems. 

6. Fixed a code bug where the base class for a CRL is added to the cache
instead of the derived class. 

7. Delta CRL processing now occurs if the freshest extension is in the
CRL, not just in the certificate. 

8. CRL processing code now works around not having an AsnInt::operator
>() function by using < and == operators. Also fixed a problem with a
delta CRL being issued at the same time as a base CRL. 

9. Added support to more extended key usages in the CML. 

10. Removed a memory leak from the ACL. 

11. The code now considers a delta CRL applicable to a base CRL if the
CRLNumbers in the delta and base are equal. 

12. Fixed a problem with CRL updates to the database using improper hash

13. Can now build CML into static libraries. 

14. Various fixes in the ACL, CML, and SFL libraries. 

15. Now supports Crypto++ 5.2.1 and GCC v4.1.1 and below. 

16. Fixed a bug in the dbu_read_entry.

All source code for the SMP is being provided at no cost and with no
financial limitations regarding its use and distribution. Organizations
can use the SMP without paying any royalties or licensing fees.  The SMP
was originally developed by the U.S. Government.  BAE Systems is
enhancing and supporting the SMP under contract to the U.S. Government.
The U.S. Government is furnishing the SMP software at no cost to the
vendor subject to the conditions of the SMP Public License provided with
the SMP software.

Point of Contact:
David Abarbanel