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>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Pyron <bobp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Bob> 3. Is there any source of vCalendar and vCard samples I can use
    Bob>    for testing?

Try either of

	http://concerts.calendar.com/		(Musi-Cal)
	http://conferences.calendar.com/	(Internet Conference Calendar)

The HTML output of searches includes little calendar icons that when clicked
generate vCalendars.  The MIME type of the result is text/x-vCalendar (as I
recall).  In the Notes Index section of Musi-Cal's output you may see vCard
icons as well for some of the venues.  When clicked, these will fetch the
appropriate page from the Folk Venue Database at http://www.hidwater.com/
and smash various pieces of the HTML retrieved into a vCard (MIME type
text/x-vCard I believe).

If there are any problems, let me know.  This part of the calendars doesn't
get a ton of (ab)use, so as time marches on the occasional cockroach may
have set up house and started raising a family... ;-)


Skip Montanaro     |       Musi-Cal:  http://concerts.calendar.com/
skip@xxxxxxxxxxxx  |    "It doesn't matter where you get your appetite as
(518)372-5583      |    long as you eat at home." -- Sloan Wainwright