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Re: SDK?

>1. When will the vCalendar and vCard SDKs be available?
>   The Versit web pages promised mid-December.

I've been told "mid-January", but have no definite date. I'll certainly
announce the availability here when we get it.

>2. I was able to track down source for a vCard/vCalendar reader
>   on www.ralden.com. How close is this to the final SDK?

See question #1. :-)

>4. There seems to be no link on the IMC pages to the vCalendar
>   and vCard mailing list archives.

Whoops! Thanks for pointing this out, there are now pointers to each mail
archive on the developer's page <http://www.imc.org/pdi/pdiproddev.html>.

>5. Those archives only contain messages since 16 Dec 1996, when
>   IMC took over vCalendar and vCard. Is there (or will there be)
>   an archive of messages prior to that date?

If we can get the old archives, yes, certainly. We don't currently have
access to them.

--Paul E. Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium