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Re: 'Upload' question.

Barry> Is there an established or prescribed method/convention for 
Barry> uploading vCard/vTodo/vEvent data to a server from an HTML
Barry> client?   I've considered prompting the user for the URL
Barry> of a file that contains the data, but that would require that
Barry> the data be prepublished on the web.
There is a type of entry field tag within forms that will pop up a file
requester, ask the user for a file on the local file-system and then
upload it to the server in a way that can be parsed by a CGI-script.
Unfortunately, this tag works differently on Netscape and IE 3.0. Under
Netscape it will upload the whole file, under IE it will only return the
name of the file, but not the file itself. 
Sorry I forgot the name of the tag, but I can ask my friend who used it
heavily in order to accept documents for a news-paper through a web-page.

Hope this helps,