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Re: Recurrence Rules -- are they needed?

marcp> The problem stems that there is no clear protocol on the order of 
marcp> transmitting messages for modifications to a meeting.  Something like
marcp> saying that a server modifying a message must notify only the
marcp> originator who is responsible for notifying all other servers could solve
marcp> the problem.
I don't think this is the task of vCalendar, which is not a transport
protocol, but a grammar for describing calendar properties. Everything
that deals with transport, order of exchange, and so forth will have to be
dealt with by a transport protocol (ICAP, SWTP) and the application. I
think it might be helpful though, to have a clear cut set of rules on how
to exchange calendar messages without corrupting the integrity of several
coordinated servers. This topic has been dealt with before in the database
community and the same techniques should work well for calendaring, too. 

Take care,
Tilo Christ

Softwarelab Heilbronn College