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vCalendar support plans?


I am the technical director of Digitas, a student organization at
Harvard University.  Recently we have been creating an online course
catalog for undergraduate courses at Harvard; it is fully indexed and
searchable, and you can try it out over the Web (you can find the URL
in my signature).

In order to make it easy to integrate this online course catalog into
people's personal information managers, we'd like to support vCalendar
by exporting our course information in a vCalendar-compatible format,
which we call "vCourse".  Of course, besides simply putting up vCourse
course information on our Web site, we'd also like to actively inform
people of what vCalendar is and how it can be used.  To this end, I'd
like to gather some information on current and planned support of
vCalendar in personal information managers.

Therefore, if your company or software development organization is
involved with a personal information manager (scheduling application)
that supports vCalendar -- either now or in the future -- please reply
to me and supply:

    - The name of your company and product
    - Level of planned support of vCalendar
    - Time/version at which vCalendar support has been or will be
      added to your product
    - Particular features that may help college students in particular
      while using your product
    - URL where more information can be obtained on your product

If your product already supports vCalendar, we hope you will go to our
Course Decision Assistant Web site (the URL is in my signature below)
and see if our vCourse format is compatible with your product.
Ideally, a student should be able to directly drag a vCourse object
from his/her Web browser window into your product.  (For example, see
http://www.digitas.harvard.edu/cda/cgi-bin/single?catnum=8066 which
uses two recurring appointments to simulate the time duration of a
single course.)

Thank you in advance for your help.  Please do *not* reply to the
vCalendar mailing list; if there is sufficient interest and
information I will post a summary of the responses I received.

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