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Re: vCalendar support plans?


ken> that supports vCalendar -- either now or in the future -- please reply
ken> to me and supply:
ken>     - The name of your company and product
ken>     - Level of planned support of vCalendar
ken>     - Time/version at which vCalendar support has been or will be
ken>       added to your product
ken>     - Particular features that may help college students in particular
ken>       while using your product
ken>     - URL where more information can be obtained on your product
ken> Thank you in advance for your help.  Please do *not* reply to the
ken> vCalendar mailing list; if there is sufficient interest and
ken> information I will post a summary of the responses I received.

I am interested in exactly the same information. I just wanted to reassure 
you that there is "sufficient interest". So please, post your list as
soon as you have gathered up enough information. I think it might also be
nice to set up a web site like the one at www.imap.org, that lists all
IMAP compatible products. I could jump in and donate some time and a
reasonable amount of diskspace.

Tilo Christ
Softwarelab, Heilbronn College