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Re: Which "Standard"?

At 09:56 PM 4/1/97 -0500, Frank Dawson wrote:
>Alan, you wrote in part:
>"Specifically, the Repeat and Exclude Rules have a grammar that's quite
>different then vCalendar. Gone are the MP and replaced by BYPOS; MONTHLY
>definitions as well as others that have changed around."
>Actually, the semantics of the new iCalendar draft capture much of the same
>capability as the vCalendar, in terms of the recurrence rule. What is
>different is that the recurrence rule is not specified using a different
>grammar than the rest of the vCalendar. This was found to be an issue in
>early vendor implementation of the vCalendar v1 draft. 
>I think that we have the best of vCalendar in the new iCalendar draft.
>- - Frank Dawson


I agree that the best of vCalendar has found a home in iCalendar. I applaud
the work being done. My company is going forward whole heartedly in support
of these standards.

Since one of my objectives is to see C&S applications on PDAs as useful and
functional, within reason, to desktop C&S applications, the footprint issue
of PDA applications and corresponding data is a banner that I carry high.
Sometimes I feel as if I'm working in the old PC days when we shoehorned
into 640K or less :)

While I like the new way of handling recurrence rules better, perhaps the
proper way of handling such a change would have been to bump the v1.0 spec
to v1.1 and introduce the new grammar there since the change is not exactly
a major change. Then 2.0 and beyond could grow from 1.1.

The less code needed to handle these up and coming standards, the more
acceptance they will find across numerous platforms. Just trying to
consider all possibilities.

Alan Johnson
Fusion Software, Inc.