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Query about mapping calendar entries to vCalendar

     Can somebody please help me with the following queries - answers to 
     which I have not been able to find in either the specification papers 
     nor the mail archieve.
     Firstly, is this being sent to the correct address to reach the  
     ietf-calendar mailing list discussion group?
     1) How is one supposed to convert a calendar entity to vCalendar that 
     has a date(s) but no time and yet is not a todo? 
     Take a Schedule+ event for example, if its represented by a vCal event 
     how are the DTSTART and DTEND values  supposed to be filled in - is it 
     permitted to leave the time portion blank such as 19970329? If not 
     then as far as I can tell there is no way to represent one of these 
     entities in vCal format.
     2) How is a todo that does not have a specified due date associated 
     with it supposed to be represented? 
     V1.00 states that for the DUE property: "Support of this property is 
     mandatory for implementations conforming to this specification" 
     (2.3.10). Which in the absence of any indication otherwise I would 
     take to mean that this property must be present for a todo entity, in 
     which case 
     V2.00 states "The DUE property may be specified....If the DUE property 
     is missing, then the implicit due date/time for the to-do is to be set 
     to the current date." (Scheduling todos 3.1.1) This makes excellent 
     sense but does it apply to 1.00
     Martin Hardman