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Re: Encoding

 Martin Hardman wrote, in part:
     "What does 7-bit, 8-bit Base64 or quoted-printable encoding actually
     mean? Is there a document describing them?"

<frd>These were defined by the previous MIME standard, RFC 1521/1522,

     "What special processing does a reader/writer need to do to deal with

<frd>You will have to be able to decode the "Base64" and "Quoted-Printable"
encoding in a reader. You will also need to generate "Base64" encoded values
for vCalendar values containing binary content. The line ending
specification for vCalendar makes use of "Quoted-Printable" for inline CRLF
characters (ie, hard line endings) in the values.</frd>

Glad to see Psion interest in vCard and vCalendar. You should also check out
the discussions on the IETF ASID and CALSCH mailing lists for the IETF vCard
and iCalendar/iTIP/iMIP work.

- - Frank Dawson