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RE : parser broken for multiple values?


Did you ever get an answer to your question on multiple values seperated by
semi-colons?  I am having the same problem.

Dan Hickman
Rockin' Software

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Hey vCalendar developers,
is the SDK for vCalendar broken for parameters that have multiple values?
For instance, I am trying to parse a VEVENT with a EXDATE property with
multiple values separated by semicolons:


However, when using the parser, you will only end up with an EXDATE
property with the LAST VALUE.  This is because when it is getting parsed,
the old value is overwritten each time with the new value (from my
understanding of the SDK source code).

How have people gotten around this problem?  The same thing would manifest
itself say when reading the CATEGORIES property and some others.  I mailed
Rolan Aldan (the SDK author) about the problem over a week ago and I have
received no reply.

Please mail me back.  I would like to support vCalendar in my product
properly, but as it stands, it is looking like I might have to do it
improperly (i.e use commas instead of semicolons between the values, and
then read them all in as one big value).--- -Preston Brown