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vcal support in Netscape

I'm new to the list but couldn't see any relevant discussions in the archives. 
If I have missed the answer in there please accept my apologies. 

The web page:


is a hack of an example in the vcalendar (v0.4) specification. With Netscape 
(either 4.05 or 4.5 PR1) this page works intermittently. Clicking on the 
vcalendar icon (under WindowsNT) normally produces the error message:

(NPVCAL32) "Can't open"

npvcal32.dll is in the correct directory and is readable. _However_, about 
20% of the time (usually after pressing) "Reload" on the browser a couple of times 
it works!

I have tried the following in an attempt to pin down this problem:

1) Using Windows 3.1, this fails in a similar way but this time Netscape says
it can't find npvcal16 (even though it's there).

2) Stored the html and vcs file on a different web server (still fails).

3) Checked the HTML 4 object use against the spec (looks ok to me).

4) Put the HTML through a validator (no errors reported).

The most obvious conclusion is that Netscape support of the vCalendar format 
is broken. However, there are other sites on the IMC products list, e.g. 
http://concerts.calendar.com/ and http://w3.eventseeker.com/ which whilst 
they are not identical are similar and do appear to work reliably 100% of the

Thanks in advance.

Chris Wooff
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