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RE: Java vCalender SDK?...

Peter Fagerlund (pf@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>Hello all ...
>Can one expext a Java version of the vCalender SDK anytime soon?...

http://www.digitas.harvard.edu/cda has a raptor client with vCalender 
support.  I'm considering using that source code (Which is GPL) in a new
client do do coordination/meeting/scheduling type things for a program
thats of course would also be GPL.

Anyone else interested?

Kinda funny that an open standard is limited to windows/mac development
at the moment.

I checked out Raptor at the harvard site, pretty slick/amazing, very
nice gui, and a great example of a useful tool.  Ability to
schedule classes, visualize your schedule then drag it onto your
Palm Pilot III is pretty amazing....

Bill Broadley