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Re: About the recurrence rule


Good question. The RDATE property specifies date/times in addition to that
specified by the DTSTART/DTEND (for VEVENT). These are additional recurrence
instances for the VEVENT. You might also specify a RRULE to specify a
grammar for recurrences. The date/times that are generated by the RRULE are
added (ie, UNION) to the set of recurrences otherwise defined by the

However, if a RDATE and RRULE both generate the same date/time, only one
instance of this value will be in the recurrence set.

Hope this helps.

- - Frank

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Date: Monday, September 28, 1998 10:09 AM
Subject: About the recurrence rule

>I have a question about the RDATE property. When I
>use a recurrence rule, does the RDATE property mean
>that the days listed in RDATE are extra days that the rule does not cover
>or exactly those days that result
>from the recurrence rule.
>Hope my question is understandable
>Rami Ojares