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Re: Question: Week Number Semantics

>Here in France, there comes to an agreement that MOnday is the start of
>the week, and to follow the ISO numbering. For example, paper schedules
>now often print the Week number in weeks views. And I expect CUAs to

Another datapoint:

I worked for a manufacturer of semiconductors in the UK.
We used week numbers for everything.
Company desk diaries and calendars had
the week numbers printed.
Weeks started on Monday. 
Before I moved to the US, it never occurred to me
that the week could start on any other day than Monday.

You live and learn.

Oh, and I seem to remember there was
a problem in that some firms started their week
count one week later than others, so you could
be scheduling a delivery from a supplier, and
be talking about two different weeks with
the same number !
Also some companies numbered the weeks
in their financial year not the calendar year.

Nightmare. Everyone should use UTC time.