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Re: Question: Week Number Semantics

Frank, in response to your request for some end-user feedback, I put the
question our on one of our Notes databases at SHARE. Here's some of the
comments.  I took out names of people, but left in their organizations.
- - - - - - - - -
"It is important that the start of the week be considered a variable.  While the
work week might start on Monday, some people's work week starts on a Sunday.  In
the 4 day, 10 hr/day work environment, the week might start on Tuesday.
Therefore, it is shortsighted to assume that Monday is the day to choose."

Director, US Army Research

I agree with ...(person above)..... and can give you a concrete example.  For
reasons known only to our bean counters, our week starts on Saturday.  So, if we
were to use a calendaring program to input, say, our time accounting, we would
need to specify Saturday as the starting day.  We use a web based program
currently and that's the way it is set up. (And it's not my favorite

Hope this helps

Strategist from Storage Tech

The start of the week needs to be flexible, my brother-in-law's factory ran
their work week on a Thursday to Wednesday basis.

Sr. Technical Programmer  from VERY large insurance company

On a worldwide basis you need to have flexability on the start of the week.
I've seen it be everything from Thursday through Tuesday (for some reason I've
never seen a copy start on Wednesday ??).   While the majority use Monday in
North America, this is not typical worldwide

Network Consultant (very, very active internationally with Customer
organizations) - from IBM Network Division, RTP

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