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Questions re Sun pending patent of May '98

I am following up on an e-mail that was sent out on May 22, 1998 regarding
the impending Sun Microsystems/IBM pending patent and the no-cost license
being offered by Sun in the event that current implementers of the
vCalendar 1.0 specification would be infringing on the patent.

We have an application that uses the vCalendar 1.0 specification, but we
did not, to my knowledge, obtain the license from Sun. can you give me an
update and let me know:

1) If it is still important that we obtain the no-cost license from Sun;
2) If the 1.0 issue will be nulled by the release of the iCalendar standard
(which will be released when?)

Thank you,
Liz Bothwell

Product Support Manager
Universal Algorithms, Inc.
(503) 973-5206