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How to be removed from this list

Since many of you are novice Internet users, I think this is as good of a
place as any to explain how to get yourself removed from a mailing list.

First off, please do *not* send requests to the mailing list. As you can
see, those requests often show up in everyone else's mailbox, which is

Instead, send a message to the mailing list owner. When you subscribe to a
mailing list, you get a message welcoming you, and giving you instructions
on how to later get yourself off the mailing list. You should keep this
message around for future reference.

Also, notice that there are headers in every message to this mailing list
showing you how to be removed from the mailing list. Notice that they do
not lead you to sending a message to the list. :-) Instead, they tell you
to send a message to imc-vcalendar-request@xxxxxxx, with the body of the
message having the single word "subscribe" in it. That's pretty easy, eh?

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium