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problem with yacc parser and SDK


I aam trying to build an app that uses the VCalendar SDK.  I am using 
bison as my yacc parser and am only interested in vobject.o and vcc.o.  
The platform I am doing this on is BeOS btw.

I can a warning from bison:
$ bison vcc.y
vcc.y contains 2 shift/reduce conflicts.

then when I try to compile vcc.c into an object file I get this:
$ make
g++ -c -g vcc.c
/etc/bison.simple: In function `int mime_parse()':
/etc/bison.simple:387: `mime_lex' undeclared (first use this function)
/etc/bison.simple:387: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only 
/etc/bison.simple:387: for each function it appears in.)
In function `int mime_lex()':
cc1plus: previous non-function declaration ` /* decl error */ '
vcc.y:990: conflicts with function declaration `int mime_lex()'
make: *** [vcc.o] Error 1 

I don't know anything about yacc parsing at all so am at a loss here, 
can anyone make any suggestions?