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Perl modules !?

Hi folks!

Short time ago I started implementing a family tree management program
with Perl (on Linux). Now I had the idea, that it would be quite cool to
add some nice export filters for standardized formats to provide the
collected data to other applications. First of all I'm thinking of
exporting birthdays and wedding days in vCalender format in order to
import them in handheld organizers, MS Outlook or similar.

Currently all the sets of person-related data are stored in my own (that
means proprietary) format. Most probably it would be a good idea to use a
standard format like 'vCard' for this, too. Certainly I would have to use
some extended fields (X-...) to store all needed date like place of birth,
father, mother, wedding etc.

Now the question:
Is there a Perl module available that parses vCard and vCalender
datastreams and also creates them easily. Unfortunately I did not succeed
finding anything like that on the CPAN server (www.cpan.org) or on the web
(via Altavista).

If there is nothing, I would have to implement such a parser by myself,
what would probably also make fun, but costs some time and efforts, which
I really wanted to use for the family tree program. 

Does anybody have another idea? Maybe using external programs?
(I'm developing on Linux and also want to use it on Linux personally, but
it should also run on other platforms. So everything should be portable
and available with source codes.) 

BTW: More information about vCard and vCalender You can find on:

Thanks in advance for Your countless number of answers.  ;-)



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