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Vcalendar or icalendar?


I wrote to Netscape, that replied
"VCalendar has been replaced by iCalendar.  RFC 2445 / 2446 / 2447"

I read and apply the RFC 2445 and 2446 (icalendar) because I don't
find vcalendar RFC.
Which are the main differences between VCalendar and iCalendar?

It is sufficient to take a icalendar minimal event, replace
to have a correct vcalendar event?

If I want to be compatible as much as possible, which format should
I follow?
Which client software on the market support vcalendar and which iCalendar?

Is this vcalendar event correct?

(Pay attention that email can split the URL on many lines!)

Best regards, Massimo Sala
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