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RE: Vcalendar or icalendar?

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I wrote to Netscape, that replied
"VCalendar has been replaced by iCalendar.  RFC 2445 / 2446 / 2447"

I read and apply the RFC 2445 and 2446 (icalendar) because I don't
find vcalendar RFC.
Which are the main differences between VCalendar and iCalendar?
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vCalendar was the first of the transferrable calendar specifications which
permitted details about an event or task to be transferred between
scheduling tools. iCalendar is built on vCalendar -- can accept
vCalendar-compatible events and tasks but can exchange "journal entries" and
information about the "free-busy" status of an entity for which a schedule
was kept.

If your client supports vCalendar, it can bring in or export a standard
datatype regarding an upcoming event or task. The vCalendar file can be
embedded in an e-mail message (useful when a booking is being confirmed or a
meeting or appointment is being arranged) or as a file which can be pulled
off the Web (in the case of a box office site or calendar page for a church
or other similar organization) or sent as a supplementary file sent during a
"voice and data" phone call (in the course of making or confirming
appointments) or as part of a digital broadcast (when an upcoming event is
mentioned on air).

If it supports iCalendar, it can do what a vCalendar client does but
exchange details about whether a user is free or busy in order to help
schedule meetings.

With regards,

Simon Mackay