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Re: Implementing a vcalendar server

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On 17/01/01, 09:13:23, Andrew Proud <andrew@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote regarding 
Implementing a vcalendar server:

> Hi

> I am trying to create a Vcalendar file server.

> I am experiencing a problem to do with different browsers accessing the
> files.

> If my users are IE users, they can just click on a link to the vcs file 
> the update is made to their diary. However, if they are Netscape users,
> clicking on the link just opens the file as pure text.

> Is there some plug-in I need to give my netscape users ?
> Is there a better way of doing this ?

I don't believe the problem is one of plugins or browsers.
Most browsers will simply look at the local system's file associations 
Win32 platforms in particular) and execute the application associated 
with the extension.

So, if the user has no application registered for the .vcs extension, 
nothing will happen.

Of course they may have a plugin registered that kicks in before this, 
but this is not really the issue.

The real problem is that vCalendar and vCard support is not as ubiquitous 
as you would hope it to be :(

I have found applications that support the format but do not register 
themselves with the file type, so such internet downloads of items do not 
work, unless you manually associate the file extension with the 
application, but many users don't know how to do that.