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RE: Implementing a vcalendar server


I have tried your page with both Netscape4.75 and IE5. I can get the 'here'
link to work fine with IE but not netscape.

I know now that my users do not have the vcalendar plug-in installed. (which
I presume gives me npvcal32.dll)

I have searched netscape for this plug in with no success. Cnet does not
have it either. Google web searches merely tell me that over 5% of Netscape
users already have the plug in.

Could anybody tell me where to find it ?

I would most appreciate any help.


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Andrew I tried this a while back with mixed success. Nothing worked in
IE. This may be because we run Netscape Calendar as our calendar client
and Microsoft and Netscape won't talk. What client do you run? Do you
have a vcal page I could view to see how you've got things working with

Netscape worked intermittently for me. There is a netscape dll you need:
npvcal32.dll . If at any stage you want to see what Netscape plugins are
loaded then you can use the pseudo URL: about:plugins.

If you want to see my intermittently working facility, then visit:

Hope this helps,

--On 17 January 2001 09:13 +0000 Andrew Proud <andrew@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi
> I am trying to create a Vcalendar file server.
> I am experiencing a problem to do with different browsers accessing the
> files.
> If my users are IE users, they can just click on a link to the vcs
> file and the update is made to their diary. However, if they are
> Netscape users, clicking on the link just opens the file as pure text.
> Is there some plug-in I need to give my netscape users ?
> Is there a better way of doing this ?
> Many thanks
> Andy

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