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Re: vCard fields


> This time i have doubt regarding VCARD fields, Can we send a VCARD with empty fields to the other side..
> For e.g.
> N:Verma;Kavita;;Miss
> FN:Kavita Verma
> ORG:
> BDAY:45010101T000000Z
> Here the ORG & TITLE fields are empty.
> I want to clear the following points 

> 1) Whether the Specifications allow to send a VCARD with empty fields to the other side or not?
As far as I know, the corresponding RFC's clearly state that there can't be empty fields.
I think this is because with more complex vCards ( e.g. with nested objects ), ambiguous situations
could occur, making it very difficult or even impossible to parse the vCard correctly.
> 2) Should the Parser parse the VCARD with empty fields or should it return an error ?
Well, if you generally don't support vCards which are not 100% spec conform,
you probably won't support this kind of 'defect' vCards either. On the other hand, many vendors
do not produce 'perfect' vCards, so if you want to be world compatible :), it could really make
sense to implement a very tolerant parser.
Furthermore, it should be considered what you're actually going to do with that vCard data;
e.g. if it's used for further automatic processing ( dialing, scheduling, billing etc. ), a very
tolerant parser maybe a bad idea, probably causing serious followup errors
- while the end user normally prefers as-good-as-possible solutions instead of
some 'i can't do that' error message.
Maybe it should parse defect vCards and log some warning? It's up to you.

>Also i would like to clear the above doubt for vCalender 1.0 fields.
IMO there should be no version dependent differences regarding your issues.
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