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Re: vCard3.0 and vCal2.0

         The CHARSET tag is very usefull in Multilanguage capable
developments, Using this anyone can send vCards from Deferent languages. For
example a user can send a vCard in English as well as in Chinese. Then the
reciving vCard parser can fetch this node value and adjust it's CHARSET, so
that the vCard contents will be displayed in the correct format (ie: in
correct language).
        This will be very usefull in a Web based developments, where u have
to send vCards allround the world supporting many languages.


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Subject: vCard3.0 and vCal2.0

> Hello,
> I have some more queries.
> 1. I read in vCard3.0 specs, that CHARSET type
> parameter has been eliminated. So what will be effect
> of this in my builder parser application. Do i need to
> change anything regarding this??
> 2. What is the main difference between vCalendar1.0
> and 2.0/iCalendar??
> Need ur help. Thx in advance.
> Rgds,
> Jenny
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