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Re: vCard3.0 and vCal2.0

Where's the spec (url?) that mentions the deprecation of the CHARSET attribute?

I've done a lot of research into proper character encoding for XML stuff
(http://www.syndic8.com).  I can tell you, for a fact, many developers don't
really grasp how to properly encode characters when they're not in core ASCII or
ISO-8859-1 format.

If the spec now indicates use of UTF-8 (or UTF-16) it may be possible to express
a reasonably full range of internation characters.  The trick is getting people
that have data to support exporting it *properly* in these encodings.  It's not
hard, per se, but it does involve making use of what can be rather clunky

-Bill Kearney

----- Original Message -----
>          The CHARSET tag is very usefull in Multilanguage capable
> developments, Using this anyone can send vCards from Deferent languages. For
> example a user can send a vCard in English as well as in Chinese. Then the
> reciving vCard parser can fetch this node value and adjust it's CHARSET, so
> that the vCard contents will be displayed in the correct format (ie: in
> correct language).
>         This will be very usefull in a Web based developments, where u have
> to send vCards allround the world supporting many languages.
> Rgds,

> > 1. I read in vCard3.0 specs, that CHARSET type
> > parameter has been eliminated. So what will be effect
> > of this in my builder parser application. Do i need to
> > change anything regarding this??