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Re: vCard3.0 and vCal2.0

On Friday, August 16, 2002, at 08:44 AM, Bill Kearney wrote:

Great, so it's another case of being so flexible as to be way too ambiguous?

No, it's a question of being outside the scope of the standard, apparently. The vCard 2 definition only describes a sort of abstract stream of data. It doesn't say anything explicit about any particular file format. As it happens, most people just write vCard text into a file using ASCII for the tags and give it a "vcf" extension (and unfortunately many omit the encoding information for non-ASCII values, leaving it up to coincidence or heuristics to interpret the data correctly), but this is not defined in the standard. vCard 3 still makes no attempt to define a file format, although it does provide a concrete definition of how to place a vCard in a MIME wrapper, which is clearly the primary goal of that standard.

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