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Re: Open source projects on vcalendar; vcalendar products?

On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 11:43:43AM +0100, Rolf E. Sonneveld wrote:

> Excuse me if this has been discussed recently. I have two questions on
> vcalendaring:
> 1. does anyone know about open source projects which concentrate on
> vcalendar?

There are various Open Source projects that use vCalendar as data
exchange format. KDE includes the KDE-PIM package, which AFAIK can
export iCalendar files. GNOME includes GNOME-PIM as well as Evolution,
which both make use of libversit by Apple, AT&T, IBM, and Siemens. I'm
currently implementing a new library with vCard and iCalendar support that
will get used by GNOME-PIM and possibly by Evolution. There's also a
library called libical, which is another Open Source iCalendar

 - Sebastian