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Perl Parser for vCal ?

Hi ,

I'm trying for a solution in perl(linux) where an already existing scheduler
system needs to be sycnd with palm pilot Calendering system ( Specifically for
Palm). Is there any Perl modules available ??

I searched CPAN and came across this module called Net::iCal, but never found
any vCal modules. I did see a couple of mailing list entries where people have
suggested that iCal is vCal 2 compatible. But I have also read some where that
iCal is a MS standard. So what is the connection btw these two standards ?

Is there an easy solution. I have not worked on palm so Im ignorant about the
file system on palm. Can I pass 'N' vCal entries in an single file and maintain
this ?? The need is that this file needs to be updates periodically according the
scheduler entries .

Any Leads. Thanks in advance.

Anil Menon
MIS Team.

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. We have both.
   					  - MIS @ Rhythm & Hues Studios.