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Vcal diff. between Palm and PocketPC


1) I am trying to develop an Infrared application to beam Vcal to both
Palm and PocketPC users. However, I found that some properties between
those two OS are different. In this case, do I have to prepare 2
separate Vcal versions for each platform?

2) Is there any tools that can be used to generate Vcal files for my
beam purpose. I am now using Outlook in exporting  vCal files, but I
found it not very compatible even with PocketPC2002.

3) How can I display Portuguese in vCal? What charset or encoding should
I use? I am a bit confusing with the encoding scheme.

4) If I want to insert a linebreak in a message, do I have to use
"Quoted-Printable" encoding?

Thanks for your valuable assistance.