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ICalendar - Mozilla - Outlook compatibility


An application I'm developing writes ICalendars for repeating events. It would be desirable (almost necessary) that those ICalendars could be imported in Outlook 2002 and Mozilla Calendar. Outlook 2002 supports the property VTIMEZONE -with some restrictions- but Mozilla ignores it and interprets DTSTART (and DTEND) as local time. Specifying DTSTART (and DTEND) in UTC time format makes Mozilla at least to calculate the correct local time, but without considering time zone shifts (from DST to Standard Time or vice versa).

So it is impossible to have an ICalendar with a repeating event with dates on both sides of a time zone shift correctly imported in Mozilla Calendar but I would like that, at least, offset to UTC was considered but specifying also the VTIMEZONE property to let ICalendar be correctly imported in Outlook.

Is this possible?

Please, excuse me for my poor English.